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The r/bodybuilding subreddit gets around 1000 new subscribers every day, so here’s a quick intro to this sub:

This is a community specifically for competitive bodybuilding. It is NOT for general health and fitness, fat loss advice, how to bulk up, how to get started at the gym, or how to get into shape in general. If that’s what you’re looking for, go to these subreddits and read their quick start guides:

r/Fitness Getting Started Guide: Launch link

r/loseit Quick Start Guide: Launch link

r/gainit Quick Start Guide: Launch link

This subreddit is also NOT for general progress pictures, memes, or questions about whether you should bulk or cut. Those belong in r/progresspics, r/Brogress, r/GymMemes, r/swoleacceptance, and r/BulkOrCut.

If you think you’re in the right subreddit, remember to respect your fellow redditors and read the rules before you post: View now

We don’t allow self-promotional posts. Don’t post about athletes outside of the bodybuilding realm. Check the rules to see if your post would belong in one of our bot-automated threads rather than as a separate post. Do not ask for advice on how to rehab an injury or how to deal with any medical condition. Don’t post about supplements. If you haven’t been training as a bodybuilder for at least a few years, your questions probably belong in the weekly Newbie Tuesdays thread.

Any question or comment that isn’t allowed as its own post can go in the most recent Daily Discussion thread. This thread is stickied and the bot posts it every 23 hours.

As always, general reddiquette and Reddit rules apply. Do you see someone breaking r/bodybuilding rules or Reddit’s rules? Report them by hitting the report button.

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