RIP Notorious RBG

Ginsburg died at the age of 87 after numerous battles with cancer.

But from her workout videos to the “Notorious RBG” meme – Ginsburg became renowned as much for her pop culture status as her rulings in her latter years.

Politico points out that far from pushing back, Ginsburg embraced her fashionable status among young people.

The political journalism outlet relayed in a Sept. 20 post the backstory of the now famous image – which depicts Ruth Bader Ginsburg in rapper Biggie Smalls’ iconic tilted crown.

In 2013, inspired by Ginsburg’s dissenting opinion in Shelby County vs. Holder, a New York University law student coined the moniker “Notorious RBG” in Tumblr, and it stuck.

Although famous for her passion for opera, Ginsburg found common cause with her fellow Brooklynite, Biggie Smalls.

FOX 5 GoodDay D.C. anchor Wisdom Martin pointed out that Ginsburg’s association with the meme became a touchpoint of commonality with the people she interacted with.

“When you talk about being a phenomenon and a cultural icon, the ‘Notorious’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg – that whole thing – she didn’t even know, when they first told her that her nickname was RBG, she didn’t know what it was. So somebody explained to her that it was after the Notorious BIG. So she started working that into her speeches, because she would talk about how they were both from Brooklyn. And then she made it whole thing about the Notorious RBG and the Notorious BIG, the rapper. She was really into it. She just showed you how she was able to connect with different people on different levels,” Martin said.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s casket is lying in repose at the Supreme Court today and tomorrow. On Friday, she will lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda.

After a stellar life, May she rest in Peace.

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