Results from my show! 1st place super-heavies, 2nd overall!

Hey guys,

So I won the super heavy class and came 2nd in the overall at my show. While I’m happy with the results, I’m incredibly disappointed with my look BUT incredibly optimistic that I’m going to CRUSH the Olympia.

I had to take a heavy duty laxative Friday morning and it FUCKED me up. I woke up 232 and tight Friday morning and went to bed 247 looking like a water buffalo Friday night. Took a diuretic Saturday morning and shed the water, but I was insanely dehydrated and couldn’t get my blood glucose down even taking a LOT of insulin, until I randomly drank 10oz of water and my blood glucose went from 24 to 1.8 within an hour and had to take in a tonne of carbs (all I had was rice cakes – I ate 4 sleeves of chocolate caramel rice cakes with honey before my BG was stable) an hour before stepping on stage…. so all in all it was an incredibly stressful couple of days and I’d say that I showed up maybe 70% of how I could have looked TOPS.

That said, all of these factors are easily preventable (take better care of gut health leading up to the show, dont touch diuretics/laxatives, dont eat high volume foods show day – just do a moderate carb up the day before and use regular water/electrolyte manipulation and stick to something like honey to carb up RIGHT before getting on stage), AND I’ll be 9lbs leaner so I’ll be undeniable in terms of condition and size. Basically I just need to do a simple peak and not fuck with anything and I’m going to win a mother fucking pro card.

Here I am at 232lbs friday morning:

And at 247 friday night:

And a couple low quality screen grabs ‘mogging the overall winner

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