If Wesley Vissers continues to progress like he has this year could he place top 5 in the 2021 O?

It’s a shame but probably not. The Classic division in bodybuilding is going to follow the same route that the Open division did, where it went from being about ‘aesthetics’ to becoming about ‘crazy dimensions’. Vissers has a great physique but it’s not as extreme as others, so he won’t win the Olympia. The Classic division will start to push guys like him away and it’ll just become the ‘freaky tiny waist, wide lat’ division, where guys are wearing corsets all year round because the biggest contrast between waist and back will win each year.

The Classic division should be about aesthetics but in trying to put an objective way to judge physiques, it ends up punishing people like Vissers who look better than most other guys on stage. He is a bit blockier but he wouldn’t look more aesthetic if he had a tiny waist. I think it’s a shame that Classic has gone from that more aesthetic look to giving just as much credit to cartoony physiques as Open does. Classic should be a bridge to the mainstream because it’s what everyone in society will appreciate but instead, it’s just going to be another lineup of freaky, ugly physiques.

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